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The verdict is in!  VISIONFEST 15: THE OTHER FESTIVAL has unveiled the complete line-up for its fifteenth anniversary run.  Among some of the highlights of things happening this year are:

- The Return of FKBK - For Kids By Kids, a special sidebar initiative showcasing films by filmmakers under 18 years of age (more on this when you scroll way down)

- MUSICAL VISIONS,  a photo exhibit by Mark Doyle, which will be unveiling at Tribeca Cinemas throughout the VF15 run.  The premiere showcase features a series of photographs of popular music artists performing live and some portraits, which will be exhibited in the theater's bar/lounge, THE VARICK ROOM.  The exhibit, which will be viewable throughout the entire film festival with the exception of Saturday, May 16,  is free and open to the public and Mark Doyle is scheduled to be on hand for the opening and closing nights.  Take a peek!

- And of course:  THE FILMS!
Still from BIRTHDAY

The competition just got fierce!  After months of Selection Committee screenings and deliberations, which saw the VF team plow through tons of shorts, experimental entries, animated films, and over 90 narrative features and 75 documentaries submitted for consideration, the festival chose 35 films for its Independent Vision Showcase and 6 for the FKBK Section.

The "Official Opening Night Selection" slot this year is held by the riveting mystery, DESERT CATHEDRAL, by Travis Gutiérrez Senger, making its New York Premiere on Wednesday, May 13, 2015.

Preceding the feature presentation are two shorts, as is customary for all VF programs, which strive to provide a rich two-hour ride for each of their program block audiences. The first short is a deep, and somewhat quirky experimental titled THE TULIP CHAIR by Courtney Marsh, who also happens to be the only filmmaker with two films in this year's Independent Vision line-up - this short and the haunting cautionary tale ZARI.  The second, SINA FORMA, by Garette Henson, is an emotionally charged dramatic piece making its World Premiere at VF15.

On Thursday, May 14, the evening ignites with an eclectic collection of films that are part of a program known as A POTPOURRI OF VISIONS in TC 1.  The 8pm show in TC 2 will feature the narrative shorts block VISIONS OF CINEMATIC SYNERGY.

And for the evening's last program: WENDELL AND THE LEMON, a Slamdance alum, comes to VF.  Directed by Lawrence Krauser, the film is a a comic exploration of jerry-rigged sanity based on his book, "Lemon".  Opening the program will be T.J. Misny's acclaimed short, THE CRUMB OF IT.

On Friday, May 15th, VF presents its first LGBT themed program block ever - and this will be a special section the festival intends to expand upon in the imminent future.
This "Official Centerpiece Selection" screening will be headlined by the New York Premiere of ALTO, written and directed by Mikki Del Monico, with the sweet short, MOON PEOPLE by Alexandra Grace, paving the way at 7 p.m.

<--- Promotional still from ALTO

 VISIONS OF THE TAUT AND FANTASTIC is the 9:30 pm block that offers a perfect blend of sci-fi, romance, horror, and psychological mind games - a great way to spend a Frightday Night.
Still from LORDS OF BSV

Saturday evening, May 16, VF pumps up the volume and breaks out some new moves with the feature-length documentary, LORDS OF BSV, by Maria Soccor.  The doc will be preceded by the poignant and edgy American Film Institute short, PINKY, by Dylan Paffe.

The exciting VF sidebar initiative "FKBK - For Kids By Kids" returns to VF with a special Sunday semi-matinee program slated for May 17 at 4:30 pm. The program consists of films created by filmmakers under the age of 18 and is set up as a special "out of competition" screening, which will unveil six new films that will reignite the flame of a VF project that the festival hopes to enhance and continue for years to come.

Sunday's "Closing Night Selection" brings one of the most celebrated features on the festival circuit today to VF.
Still from FRANK VS. GOD

Stewart Schill's FRANK VS. GOD, starring the talented Henry Ian Cusick (Lost, Girl on the Train), will kick off at 6:30 p.m., preceded by the New York Premiere of DOUBLE NEGATIVE, by Brian Dilg.


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