Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hello all and thank you for visiting the Society blog.  After many years of being m.i.a., or actually living life as a mere mortal, I'm delighted to be back in touch with those good ol' Guerrilla boys... and now a whole slew of girls.  I recently came face to face with the old crew and they immediately mentioned that they had a blog page that needed some serious TLC and someone who could string a few sentences together to get some points across.  So, here I am... stopping by, along my many travels to share with you some thoughts, anecdotes, and who knows, maybe even some after-thoughts.  Those of you familiar with Guerrilla Filmmaker will know me from my SULLIVAN'S CORNER column I used to dedicate to new DVD releases.  For those of you who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself... I am Darko Sullivan and I'm currently working with Domani Vision's Feature Screenwriting Competition at Visionfest, in the capacity of Submissions Director, which basically means I read a lot... really a lot... A lot more than normal.  On these pages. however, I plan to write a little... a little more than these guys used to, but a lot less than how much I read... and that's for your sake as well...

On this first entry of TRAVELS, I've been asked - somewhat politely - to give you a heads-up on some upcoming Domani Vision Film Society events (and I've been told that they're using my same text in their December Newsletter -- uncredited!!! The nerve)... But here's the lowdown:

The Domani Vision Film Society is proud to officially announce that on February 1, 2013, in collaboration with actor/writer/producer, Annette Beatrice, it will be co-hosting a special, one-night-only exclusive screening at New York's The Players (16 Gramercy Park).  With doors opening at 6pm, the event will kick off with an hour of cocktails and mingling, followed by the unveiling of a select collection of short films (titles to be determined) derived from past editions of VISIONFEST: The Other Festival, as well as new works from up and coming Gotham-based filmmakers.  The screening will be followed by a Q&A and networking opportunities with the filmmakers whose works are being showcased.  The event may be attended only via special advance reservations, with priority seating designated for Players Club and Domani Vision Film Society members.  Updates regarding the line-up, info on making reservations, and other pertinent details will be available in the next issue of THE VISIONARY and on the Domani Vision Film Society Website at  Of course, I will also keep on eye on new developments and share those with you as I get them.

Well... that does it this time around.  I'll be doing some pre-Oscar handicapping along the way, so please join me on my TRAVELS and be merry on your way!               - Darko