Monday, March 18, 2013


After requesting an extra day for deliberations and slipping over the weekend to finally make an official announcement, the Visionfest Feature Screenwriting Competition Jury is proud to present its five semi-finalists for this year’s edition. Listed below, in alphabetical order, by title, are the five Winter Phase semi-finalists, who will go on to compete for the top five finalists’ slots, going up against the Spring Phase semi-finalists, which will be announced in May…

A beautiful Navy SEAL is sent to stop a Naval Officer from making a deadly biological weapon. Sex, murder, and espionage mix with science, history, and politics, in an odyssey with symbolism and trivia, a touch of humor, and a noble dream.

THE COLLECTOR by Carmen Elena Mitchell
Diane, an injured ballerina who makes her living as a collections agent, must choose between two men... and many realities.

DEAD DOLORES by Michael Yagnow
When a veteran sheriff dies, his rookie deputy finds that he is the only lawman in a lunatic frontier town that is being ravaged by a mild-mannered serial killer.

LOVE SCENE by Bethany Ashton Wolf
This is the 25-year love story of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier that began as a scandalous affair in 1935 when they fell madly in love while married to other people. With the studios hiding their union from their adoring fans in their quick rise to stardom, they soon became the most iconic, celebrity couple of their time.

Two FBI agents in the secret Culinary Crimes branch become targets for assassination by the CIA and a terrorist group when they go undercover as a gay couple to investigate the murder of a shady business exec whose mysterious last words blow a CIA black operation in a fast-paced, sophisticated and humor-filled adventure.

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