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VF12 IVA Nominations Announced!


New York, NY (June 21, 2012) – VF12: The Other Festival kicked off its Opening Night with a SOLD OUT screening of Stephen Marro’s feature, BROADWAY’S FINEST, and the shorts, RE:LEASE, by Michael Wiehart, add FAITH, by Erik Pagan.  All three of the filmmakers were on hand to talk about their work in a brief Q&A, which immediately followed their screenings, and all three films were included in the list of nominees for the 2012 Independent Vision Awards, which were announced before the large crowd, in the Tribeca Cinemas’ Varick Room Lounge.  Marro’s feature was showered with 7 nominations, including Outstanding Achievement in Direction and the two shorts landed 1 nod each.

At the top of the leader board,  vying for 9 awards apiece, were Ali Scher’s short, THE MAIDEN AND THE PRINCESS, and Richard Bosner’s feature, FALLING UPHILL – both films are also going head to head for the festival’s top honor, the Domani Vision Award for Emerging Talent.  Sheena McCann’s THE DARKNESS IS CLOSE BEHIND, another narrative short which recently made the finalists’ list in the annual Student Academy Awards, nabbed 7 mentions, which, when paired with the 6 nominations collected by Scott Schaeffer’s THE CARRIER, managed to give the leading edge to narrative short subject films over any other category, a first in Visionfest history.

Kathryn Gould and Nelson Goforth, whose 10-minute black and white short, WEB OF LIES, garnered 5 nods, were smiling big following the official announcement, which saw their film also going for the top prize, as well as other major awards, including writing, cinematography, and original score.  Another entry from the Student Academy Awards A-list, the winning finalist, NARCOCORRIDO, by Ryan Prows, rounded out the multiple nominees list, tying with Alexander Yan’s ELKO, with 4 mentions.

Last year’s triumphant IVA recipient, Steve Balderson, returned to VF12 with his newest feature, CULTURE SHOCK, which got singled out for its original score by Rob Kleiner (himself a returning VF award winner), editing, and sound design, adding to the possibility of increasing Balderson’s already impressive  tally, which currently stands at 10 wins (a VF record), originating from three features in a span of seven years. 

The long awaited doc by Harvey Hubbell V, DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE, was cited in the Documentary category, along with Grant Hamilton’s TIME ZERO: THE LAST YEAR OF POLAROID, which also nabbed an editing nod.  CARBON FOR WATER, CAMP CASSEROLE, and RUNNING THROUGH: THE JORDAN CULBREATH STORY rounded out the docs in competition.

The awards will be presented on Sunday, June 24, 2012, at 7:45 p.m., in Tribeca Cinemas’ Theater 2.  Following is the complete list of IVA nominees for this year’s edition of VF...

Domani Vision Award for Emerging Talent

Sheena McCann (The Darkness is Close Behind)
Richard Bosner (Falling Uphill)
Ali Scher (The Maiden and the Princess)
Ryan Prows (Narcocorrido)
Kathryn Gould & Nelson Goforth (Web of Lies)

Outstanding Achievement in Production

Broadway's Finest (Jack Adalist, Doug LeClaire)
The Carrier (Anna Ramey, Chris Wilson, Mark Hartzell)
Falling Uphill (Barrett Hacia)
The Maiden and the Princess (Becca Luisel & Ian Ward)
In Montauk (Kim Cummings, Jeremiah Kipp)


Stephen Marro (Broadway’s Finest)
Scott Schaeffer (The Carrier)
Sheena McCann (The Darkness is Close Behind)
Richard Bosner (Falling Uphill)
Ali Scher (The Maiden and the Princess)


Stephen Marro (Broadway's Finest)
Sheena McCann (The Darkness is Close Behind)
Richard Bosner  (Falling Uphill)
Ali Scher & Joe Swanson (The Maiden and the Princess)
Kathryn Gould (Web of Lies)

Short Subject Narrative

The Carrier
The Darkness is Close Behind
The Maiden and the Princess

The Jack Nance Breakthrough Performance Award

Adam Storke (Broadway's Finest)
Jessiqa Pace (Falling Uphill)
Sean McGee (Falling Uphill)
Annalee Scott (Elko)
Conor Casey (Mouthful)

Acting (Male Lead)

Caleb Hunt (The Darkness is Close Behind)
Michael Desjardin (Elko)
Ari Kanamori (Falling Uphill)
Alex Roesch (Human Geography)
David Anders (The Maiden and the Princess)

Acting (Female Lead)

Rita Wilson (The Carrier)
Jessiqa Pace (Falling Uphill)
Jena Hunt (Falling Uphill)
T. Sahara Meer (The Kook)
Nicki Micheaux (Narcocorrido)

The Abe Schrager Award for Cinematography

Adrian Correia (Broadway's Finest)
John Barr (The Carrier)
Michael David Lynch (Perceptio)
Doug Carr (The Stronger)
Nelson Goforth (Web of Lies)

Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Filmmaking

Camp Casserole
Carbon for Water
Dislecksia: The Movie
Running Through: The Jordan Culbreath Story
Time Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid


Mark Hartzell & Aaron Butler (The Carrier)
Steve Balderson (Culture Shock)
Joops Fragale (Date Night)
Eleanor Burke & Kim Cummings (In Montauk)
Per-Hampus Stalhandske (Time Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid)

Original Score

Ben Goldberg & Marshall Grantham (Broadway's Finest)
Rob Kleiner (Culture Shock)
Alex Fleshman (Falling Uphill)
Corey Wallace (The Maiden and the Princess)
Bryan Dennis (Web of Lies)

Production Design

Kevin Margo (Grounded)
Ian Strandberg (Last Seen on Dolores Street)
Tricia Roberts (The Maiden and the Princess)
Teo Guardino (Perceptio)
Visual Comforts (RE:LEASE)

The DVFS Visionary 2012 Award

Alexander Yan (Elko)
Dee Robertson (I Kill Flowers To Save The World)
Avital Epstein (Peace at Home)
Michael McKowan (1609)
Carlos Florez (Sekso, Kickit, Nasa)

Short Form Screenwriting

Sheena McCann (The Darkness is Close Behind)
Neil LaBute (Double or Nothing)
Erik Pagan (Faith)
Ali Scher & Joe Swanson (The Maiden and the Princess)
Kathryn Gould (Web of Lies)

Sound Design

Paul Goodrich (Broadway's Finest)
Sabi Tulok (Culture Shock)
Chris Johnston   (The Darkness is Close Behind)
Brett Hinton (Narcocorrido)
Brian Bender (The Hungry Boy)

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